Short Term Visitors

Colwill hosts overseas visitors to an intensive English Language programme.


This programme includes an intensive ESOL class which focuses on listening, speaking, reading and writing English. This is supported by outdoor education trips to provide hands on experience and oportunities which motivate students to share their experiences through the four English genres.


A kiwi buddy programme is also in place throughout the stay. Visitors work with their kiwi buddies in mainstream classrooms and often accompany the visitors on the outdoor education trips. This encourages our visitors to apply English in conversational situations.Kiwi buddies join in trips and social activities such a barbeques. When the visitors return home, an e-mail penpal system is in place so they can keep in touch and continue practicing their English. Check out the Penpal page.


Visitors are mainstreamed in general classrooms for regular sessions to allow visitors to experience Kiwi class programmes. Visitors experience different teaching and learning styles from their home countries.


The outdoor education visits include venues such as discover scuba course, indoor rock climbing and golf. Visitors may join our yearly ski trip to Whakapapa skifields, which is a four day, fun filled experience.


Visitors work with a New Zealand teacher who integrates cultural experiences as part of the programme.


Visitors are supported by the Deputy Principal, a bilingual Korean Liaison Officer (Soo Anderson) and a specified staff member. For further information on this programme and details of vacancies please e-mail Soo Anderson:


Phone +64 21 83 73 43(Communication can be in Korean or English)


For 2008 January and February Short Term Visitors Programme, please contact Soo Anderson.

School Hours

  • Gates open 8:15
    Office open8:30
    Bell – lessons start First Block 8:50
    Bell – Home time 3:00
    Office closed 3:30
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