Mr Robert Taylor became the Colwill School Massey Principal in 2004. He has a Master's degree in education and has done further post-graduate studies. What the children at Colwill School need, so as to be able to learn, to learn to live, underpins all his leadership decisions. His office can sometimes be a noisy, fluttery place if you are lucky enough to meet Lucky, the cute young moustache-parakeet. Mr Taylor gets up very early each morning to swim many laps of a pool.

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Mr U is often seen with a guitar and a smile at the ready. Already he has the whole school concentrating with his Samoan clapping and the senior school are enjoying his Fitness every morning.

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Colwill School is really lucky to have Nicola working from the Colwill Community Hub. She has a great sense of humour and gets things done! Many of the little 'extras' for our students and our families are because of Nicola's fundraising drives and connections. Nicola will introduce you to Colwill School and make sure you have everything you need to become part of the Colwill community. This year she is training in Reading Recovery. She has a supply of chocolate biscuits...

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Miss Hobson is in Room 15. She is Reading Recovery trained. Miss Hobson is Colwill's sports co-ordinator. She came back from the Pan-Pacific Games in 2012 with over-weight baggage from the haul of medals she earned in numerous swimming events, including FOUR GOLDS! She swims before school, after school...

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Miss Whitehouse teaches in Room14 - she gives our youngest students a lovely start to school. She been leading the Harakeke Whanau as well as being Assistant Principal and has implemented PB4L - 'Positive Behaviour for Learning' into the school - lots of the good things that are happening around Colwill School are to do with her! Senior students are often singing with her during morning tea.

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Miss Binnie is in Room 23. She loves travelling.

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Lisa has been helping aeound the school and Comunity Hub since gher child started as a New Entrant. We welcome her as a support staff member helping keep our school spick and span!

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Alix Harris teaches ART. She is usually in Room 3 or with Rm 23 on Fridays. Learning in Room 3 happens through creative and co-operative play. Mrs Harris is also part of Pohutukawa Team and writes the school's weekly newsletter. Going to the beach for a swim, playing with her grandsons or travelling to new places are the things that make her happiest.

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Mrs Ogden is now a Reading Recovery tutor. Her many years of experience and wisdom is going towards helping our students become readers.

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Lisa enjoys job sharing with Liz Whitehouse in Room 14. This year she is becoming a Reading Recovery Tutor.
Any supermarket collectibles, Mrs Milner will make sure you can swap to get an entire set!

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Ms Phillips teaches students in Room 20. Her class has very interesting ongoing projects this year ... watch this space! H classroom and her own garden are very colourful and she loves her fluffy little doggie.

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Mrs Party teaches in Room 12. Mrs Party is herself a student this year as she continues to learn new languages - how to teach Spanish this time. She is a fluent linguist in many languages, including German, Spanish, Mandarin and Tamil. She has become a Maths teacher expert.

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Wendy Scott has become a Fully Registered Teacher and is based in Room 13 where interesting science experiments are bubbling away or growing tentacles......

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Ellie works with students and families who need some extra support to make sure that their school days and childhood are happy and healthy, and students ready to learn to live. She loves working with the students and staff at Colwill and is usually here on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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Mrs Andrews is our amazing ESOL teacher and also helps run an after-school Learning Centre for our families and a very successful summer school programme. Her home is full of all kinds of pets - ones that crawl, swim, fly, bounce... she loves animals!

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Mrs Howdle is an English Language Assistant who works with our ESOL and diversity groups as well as an after-school Study Centre programme and a very successful summer school programme. She is Room 19 before school at 8:30 with Kick Start breakfast for any who need it. Deb organises our fresh fruit in school and KidsCan supplies.

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Mrs Mansfield is our Financial Manager. She manages the day to day finances alongside our Principal, Rob Taylor. She also tries to make sure that the teachers actually get paid! Diane is a skillful hand-knitter and her grand-children wear her beautiful knit-wear.

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Jackie is one of our most important people for the smooth day-to-day running of the school. You will be warmly welcomed by her at the front desk in the office. As well, Jackie is a problem solver and love systems being kept in order. Jackie is a lighthouse fan - like her lighthouses, she makes sure you have an easy, safe journey.
In her 'spare' time Jackie keeps really strong at fitness and loves visiting the Auckland's buzzing Viaduct with her family.

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Ann works in the Office on the front desk, as well as processes resources and keeps the library a vibrant, ship-shape place. She is our first aid expert keeps an eye out for those who need a bit of extra care. She is a swimming coach. Ann leads an intersesting life during the weekends - she goes all over the country being the side-car rider on a high performance motorbike. Nerves of steel!

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Phillip is a VIP for teachers and support staff to have around the school when anything tricky in the ICT area comes up. He is a great problem solver - he must have learnt well way back when he was in primary school... oh, and by the way, Phillip is an ex-student of Colwill!

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Jason not only does a superb job at supporting our students with their learning and life skills, but he also has a vast knowledge on how to keep healthy and happy. This year he is based, sometimes with our SWIS Ellie, in the Learning Hub in Rm 21 and in students' classroom. He is a highly trained wellness and fitness coach and personal trainer. And boy, can he do stunts on a skateboard!

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Sasi is the MAN! He is the Caretaker around Colwill- the gardens are looking superb! There is always a band of Assistant Junior Caretakers wishing to work with him. Not only does he work all around the school, but he plays around the school- at interval times he has lines of kids wanting to shoot hoops with him.

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School Hours

  • Gates open 8:15
    Office open8:30
    Bell – lessons start First Block 8:50
    Bell – Home time 3:00
    Office closed 3:30
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Colwill School Massey,Kintara Drive,
Massey East,Auckland,
New Zealand.

Ph:09 833 6081
Mobile:021 236 0408
Fax:09 832 0840

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