School Organization

Class Levels

In New Zealand class levels in schools are age labels in a policy of age and social promotion. When children come to our school at five years of age they enter either a New Entrant or New Entrant/Year 1 class. Numbers in these classes are kept as low as possible to enable children to have the best possible start at school.

Classes are organised as follows:

Year 0-1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Year 7

Year 8

5 year olds
6 year olds
7 year olds
8 year olds
9 year olds
10 year olds
11 year olds
12 year olds

It is school policy that children beginning school spend approximately two years in the Year 0 -Year 2 level before moving in to Year 3.

The timing of birthdays, level of social and emotional maturity, and level of achievement help us make the decision on the best placement for children. Our aim is to make an educational decision for each child in consultation with parents.

Composite Classes

In each class level there is a wide range of ability which requires teachers to work with groups of children. The School policy is that children should move through School with a group of children who have similar levels of social, emotional and academic achievement. Like most progressive larger New Zealand schools we do this by joining class levels to form composites such as Year 2/ 3 and Year 5/6.

Because our programmes operate on a two year cycle no child repeats a previous year’s programme. Composite classes enable children to be placed in classes of balanced size as they enter during the year and to meet individual needs effectively. Friendships, personality and special needs are factors that are carefully considered in the placement of each child.

Variable Space - Architecture

Colwill School was built as a semi-open plan or variable space School with rooms designed in clusters that allow class groups to be organised in syndicates or teams. Teachers plan and teach co-operatively to make the best use of resources. Classrooms are functional and the flexible spaces means a range of activities can take place in a warm and colourful environment.

As the School has grown, additional single classrooms have been added. These rooms are used for our older students.

The Colwill School Whanau

Our school is divided into 3 teams or Whanau – Harakeke, Kowhai and Pohutukawa. Each Whanau has junior classes, middle school and senior classes and their classrooms are clustered together. These Whanau could be described as ‘vertical teams’.

Topic or ‘unit’ work, or the inquiry studies, are planned and worked together within the Whanau so the same topic e.g volcanoes will be studied by the juniors as well as the seniors in the Whanau.  For the whole Whanau, education outside of the classroom – trips, speakers and experiences on the topic are planned for usually once a term.

There are Whanau Assemblies, sports and fun events as well as inter- Whanau competitions based upon ‘Pukeko Points’ earned for a variety of positive reasons – showing ‘Respectfully Colwill characteristics, entering into challenges, individual and class efforts etc.

There is a magnificent Whanau points board in the School Hall so each Whanau can easily tell how well they are doing.

For Numeracy and Literacy and other core subjects, the school plans horizontally – all the Juniors, all the Middle school, all the Senior classes so there is a consistency of expectation, work covered as expected and level achieved after a similar length of time at school.

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School Hours

  • Gates open 8:15
    Office open8:30
    Bell – lessons start First Block 8:50
    Bell – Home time 3:00
    Office closed 3:30
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