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Learn to Live, with Respect.

Welcome to Colwill School Massey.


Colwill School Massey is a state owned, full primary school with eight variable spaced or semi-open plan rooms and nine separate rooms.

Our current roll is approx 240 students aged 5-13 years (New Entrants to Year 8). We are a multi-cultural school – students come from many cultural backgrounds.

We cater for our International students (maximum 10%) through an English Support class and mainstream programmes.

Colwill School has always been fortunate in the high level of support we receive from parents and the Community. That support and engagement with the Colwill Community is expected to grow in the coming years with the introduction of the Colwill Community Hub.

The fact that the school has students from Year 0 through to Year 8 means that a caring “family” atmosphere is a constant feature. Our school is arranged into three teams, or whanau, each with classes of junior, middle and senior students which adds to the bonds between age groups.

Colwill School Massey is well-established and has a team of dedicated and committed teachers. Aptly so the school motto is: Live to Learn.

Our charter and strategic plan identifies our core values and our educational priorities for further strengthening the educational outcomes of all of our students.

Respect for ourselves and others.

Respect for property and possessions.

Respect for a culture of learning.

At the beginning of Term 1, 2017, founding principal Ian Gray and some of the original staff came back to Colwill for a brief tour around the grounds and to reminisce. Mr Gray still had his gold key to the Hall that had been presented to him upon leaving.

Background Information relating to the establishment of Colwill School taken from an Auckland Education Board letter dated 10 October, 1979:

The purchase of the Colwill School site was first considered in 1973 when it could be seen that the overall growth of the area necessitated provision of a further school.

As the site located at the eastern end of Royal Road was not well positioned to cater for the housing east of the motorway, Colwill site was selected as being more central and in 1975 a submission recommending the purchase of this site was put to the Education Department.

Negotiations were eventually entered into in September 1976 with the Housing Corporation and Neil Housing, the major portion of the site being acquired from the Housing Corporation with whom an agreement was reached in February 1997. The following month Neil housing signed an agreement and by April 1976 the settlement was approved by the Department.

In view of the roll growth at Royal Road School, Stage 1 site development was advertised for tender in August 1977. Construction of the school was listed on the 1977/78 Building programme. Stage 2 site works were carried out in 1979 and the school was available for occupation from the commencement of Term 2, 1979.

The Foundation School Committee had the task of choosing a name for the School. Parents voted for the name Colwill after John Henry Colwill who owned a large block of land in the area. In 1920 he subdivided the Colwill Road area into two and five acre blocks where the owners developed orchards and cropping, often on a part-time basis.

The founding Principal, Ian Gray, chose the School Motto. Foundation pupils who observed the birds in the swamp that is now the School playground chose the crest of a white-faced heron. In winter when swampy conditions return the birds are still seen feeding on the field.

To view further pictures of the early history of Colwill check out the “Stroll down memory lane” page in the 25th Jubilee, 2004 area of this site.

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School Hours

  • Gates open 8:15
    Office open8:30
    Bell – lessons start First Block 8:50
    Bell – Home time 3:00
    Office closed 3:30
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Colwill School Massey,Kintara Drive,
Massey East,Auckland,
New Zealand.

Ph:09 833 6081
Mobile:021 236 0408
Fax:09 832 0840

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